Blue and White Project 

  1. School- Givat Gonen, 7th Grade

  2. Between Independence Day and Yom Yerushalayim, the 7th graders decided to organize a special project that combines a moral and social issue. The combination is between contributions to the need populations, social cohesion, and the creation of a culture that promotes closeness between students in the class.

  3. Thus the “Beautiful Israel” project was established. In the first stage, the instructors placed empty donation boxes in which the students could donate food, toys or clothing to the needy.

  4. In the second stage, the students were allowed to enter to see a film about an Israeli concept- Israeli flags adorned the auditorium, pitas with falafel, grape juice, and popcorn were waiting for them and their joyful spirits.

Environmental Benches 

  1. School- Kedma School, 10th Grade

  2. The Need: There is no common area where students can spend time together at school.

  3. Solution: We learned about how to recycle materials and use them for different things. For example, we decided to make benches from old tires that had been donated from garages in the area.

  4. Now we have a seating area for everyone in our community!

Discuss the Boycott Phenomenon 

  1. School- Ziv School, 7th Grade

  2. Seventh grade students at the Ziv School decided to focus on a significant issue, the boycott phenomenon. Over the last few months, the students have recorded interviews with students from their class who were involved in boycotting. The group conducted the interviews for a documentary film that they presented to the leaders of elementary schools, followed by a discussion in groups about the film and the phenomenon of boycotts.

  3. The students showed initiative, creativity and a great deal of social responsibility in working on a subject that is close to their hearts.

Example Projects